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angel_xperiment's Journal

Angel [Maximum Ride]
24 June
All around!
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· Angel ·

Name: Angel!
Age: 5
Physical Appearance: A tiny girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and pure white wings that have a four foot wing span.
Brief Bio: Angel was sold along with her brother to Scientists when she was just an infant. She was experimented on, and in addition to her wings can also read minds, is faster than an average human, and has excellent night vision. In time she will discover that she can also control people's will, swim underwater without needing to breathe air, and shape shift. She was kept in captivity for most of her young life, and soon after being freed, is captured again.

· hearts & minds ·

Angel arrived in the village after being captured. She was in a dog's cage, found by Noah Puckerman. She now lives with him, with John and Erica McClane in an adjoining room.

· disclaimer ·

I am not affiliated with Maximum Ride, James Patterson, or Alexa Gerasimovich. This journal is for role play purposes only.

· voicemail ·